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PhotoART Rendering Sample

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CLICK to enlarge Gisborne Sunrise January 2013

Sunrise Gisborne January 2013 - Waikanae Beach

Gisborne Sunrise January 2013

© SheldrakevisualART.com

Gisborne Sunrise January 2013 - Waikanae Beach

Walking through the Waiherere Domain bush...

© SheldrakevisualART.com

Gwaloop Walking through the Waiherere Domain bush...

© SheldrakevisualART.com

Summer building project......

2012 Gwaloop Cycle Challenge Winner

© SheldrakevisualART.com

Gwaloop Cycle Challenge 21 January 2012... Winner on his way to victory...

© SheldrakevisualART.com

Gwaloop Cycle Challenge 21 January 2012... on the return journey from Wairoa... painter style rendering...

Jonny an Robyn

© SheldrakevisualART.com

18 July 2011 - Jonny and Robyn

SheldrakevisualART PhotoART sample 1

© SheldrakevisualART.com

6 July 2011 - Hippies on McCormick International Tractor B250

SheldrakevisualART PhotoART SAMPLE

© SheldrakevisualART.com

27 June 2011 - McCormick International Tractor B250


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