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PHOTO-Scene, Gisborne New Zealand

Gisborne Out East

Gisborne City New Zealand

Photographs published on this page have been featured on our website Home Page... and were taken by our in-house photographic team... © www.SheldrakevisualART.com

Gisborne Town Clock - Repainted latest colour scheme

March 2016: Repainted latest colour scheme... City Clock: Gladstone Road, Gisborne, New Zealand.  PHOTOART © www.SheldrakevisualART.com


Gisborne city NZ - War Memorial and Rotunder

Gisborne New Zealand - Beautifully restored War Memoral & Rotunder - with River bank walkways  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com 



Gisborne New Zealand - Bridge Lights - with River bank walkways  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com 

Gisborne - Sunrise


Gisborne New Zealand - Sunrise - 'first city to see the sun'   © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Gisborne ... Sponge Bay

Gisborne New Zealand. Sponge Bay  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Poverty Bay flats with Young Nicks Head in the distance. The region is a veritable patchwork of vineyards and orchards. Land uses here are so varied because of the highly fertile soil and moderate climate makes so many forms of agriculture and horticulture financially viable. This photo was taken form the lookout above Greys Bush (on the back Ormond Road) for a wonderful view.  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Gisborne Wainui Beach Sunrise

Gisborne - Wainui Beach Sunrise  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Gisborne New Zealand - Sunset Skyline...  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Gisborne Harbour, New Zealand

Situated below Kaiti (Titirangi) Hill the Port of Gisborne and its scenic harbour is host to both local and overseas vessels.

The port is a fascinating place for you to visit, with cafes and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy a coffee or fine cuisine.  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com

Gisborne city River Confluence

Gisborne is built around the confluence of three rivers in the heart of the city... Turanganui, Waimata & Taruheru.

Beside the Gazebo (painted Green and centre of photo above) on Reads Quay stands the plaque that marks the site of Captain Read's Store and Jetty. Captain Read was the well known trader responsible for much of Turanga's (now known as Gisborne) development from 1852 until the 1870's. During this period most commercial trading centered on this river site. From here you can observe the confluence of the Waimata, Taruheru and the shortest river in the Southern Hempisphere - the Turanganui River (1200 metres).  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Gisborne - looking out from Sponge Bay

Gisborne NZ: looking out from Sponge Bay with the Island in the foreground and Young Nicks Head on the right hand side in the background  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com



Gisborne NZ  -  Evolution Monument

Gisborne New Zealand Archery monument... presented to the citizens of Gisborne District by the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games... titled - 'Evolution'. Sited on the bank of the Taruheru River next to the Lawson Field Theatre Rose Garden. (In memory of Philippa Wilson).  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com

Port Gisborne New Zealand - © www.SheldrakevisualART.com

Gisborne City New Zealand

Gisborne River confluence and harbour as viewed from Kaiti (Titrangi) Hill   © www.SheldrakevisualART.com

Susan and Alex with Beth Kaiti Hill Lookoutl

13th July 2014:  Having recently arrived in Gisborne for Seasonal work from Chile..... Susan and Alex are shown the sights of Gisborne by Beth.  Photo taken with Young Nicks Head in the background from Kaiti (Titirangi) Hill lookout © www.SheldrakevisualART.com 



Kaiti Beach, Gisborne New Zealand

Kaiti Beach Gisborne New Zealand Sunset...  © www.SheldrakevisualART.com 



City Clock, Gisborne, New Zealand

City Clock: Gladstone Road, Gisborne, New Zealand.  PHOTOART © www.SheldrakevisualART.com