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Gisborne Scenic Views

Gisborne Out East

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Gisborne City... CLICK for enalarged views.. of Gisborne NZ scenic spots...

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Gisborne is an idyllic place to relax and enjoy your holidays. As the centre of the spectacular East Coast surrounded by contrasts of rugged mountain ranges, undulating rivers, the vast Pacific Ocean and the Poverty Bay plains, Gisborne is one of the best and most scenic cities in New Zealand.
Only 5 minutes walk from Gisborne’s main street there are the clear blue waters and white sands of Waikanae Beach. Here you can enjoy swimming, wind-surfing, surf-skiing or simply roll, loll, oil and bake in the sunshine.

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Gisborne City is known as the ‘first to see the light’ of the new day sun...
This photo was taken from Waikanae Beach on 1 January and demonstrates the beautiful moment.
Gisborne is located on the sunny East Coast of the North Island of New Zealand.
The Maori name for the district is Tairawhiti which means “The coast upon which the sun shines across the water.”
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Gisborne city, New Zealand.
Photo taken from Titirangi Domain / Kaiti Hill, looking down over the inner harbour.
The city is built around the confluence of three rivers. Turanganui, Waimata & the Taruheru.


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Poverty Bay flats with Young Nicks Head in the distance.
The region is a veritable patchwork of vineyards and orchards. Land uses here are so varied because of the highly fertile soil and moderate climate making so many forms of agriculture and horticulture financially viable.
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Titirangi Domain / Kaiti Hill:
Provides great views of the city and Poverty Bay. Hike up the walkways to make the most of Titirangi Recreational Reserve’s native trees, picnic areas, and fitness trail. The name Poverty Bay was proclaimed by British explorer Captain James Cook when he was unable to obtain the supplies he wanted from local
Maori upon arriving here in 1769.
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 All photos copyright: SheldrakevisualART.com