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* Tamarau Community Church    * Wainui Beach Church 



St Andrews - Tolaga Bay

 St Andrew's - Tolaga Bay

St Margaret's - Te Puia

 St Margaret's - Te Puia

 East Coast Anglican Parish

Works alongside tikanga Maori Anglican partners to provide a friendly, caring ministry in small communities and rural areas between Gisborne and Cape Runaway

Rev’d Stephen Donald: Regional Dean in Eastland  / Anglican Diocese of Waiapu

P.O. Box 434, Gisborne 4040     Mobile: 021 132 0037    Home Phone: 06 868 7131     Email: stephen.donald@xtra.co.nz

Website: http://sites.google.com/site/eastcoastanglicanparish             Dioecsan Website: http://www.waiapu.com/ 

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Holy Trinity - Gisborne

Gisborne Anglican Parish - Holy Trinity Church & Church of the Resurrection

Holy Trinity  -  cnr: Palmerston Road & Derby Street, Gisborne    

Church Secretary: P.O. Box 235 Gisborne 4010    Church Phone: 867 6449  office@htgisborne.com      Dioecsan Website: http://www.waiapu.com/  

Rev. Stephen Donald  ( priest-in-charge )    Mobile: 021 132 007     Home phone: (06) 867 4744

Assistant Priest:  Rev. Sheryl Mc Grory     Home Phone: 867 4744 

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St Mark's Te Hapara - Gisborne

The Church of The Resurrection  -  776 Childers Road Gisborne

Dioecsan Website: http://www.waiapu.com/

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St John's - Waikohu Co-operating Parish -  Te Karaka

Waikohu Co-operating Parish

St Johns - Te Karaka  Ioapa Rd. Te Karaka

Rev. Frank Ngatoro  PH: 862 3134     eastlandyouth@xtra.co.nz       Rev Pat Davidson Ph. 8623845 

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St Lukes - Waeranga-hika-A

St. Lukes, Waerenga-A-Hika

Waipaoa  Parish  Worship Centres: -

Waerenga-A-Hika; Makaraka; Patutahi; Muriwai;including Waerenga-O-Kuri, Tinitoto, Ngatapa and Waimata.

Rev. Joan Edmundson:    St Lukes, State Highway 2 Waerenga-A-Hika

RD 1 Gisborne 4071       PH: 862 5898       edmundson@xtra.co.nz        Dioecsan Website: http://www.waiapu.com/ 

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Turanga-Whangara Rohe Worship Centers Anglican Church - Tikanga Maori

Wainui Nikora Tapu

Bishop Don Tamahere   Email: bishop@tairawhiti.org.nz

Turanga-Whangara Rohe Worship Centers Anglican Church - Tikanga Maori

Historic: Te Toku Toru Tapu Church - Kaiti

(currently in recess while building is under repair)



Bishop Don Tamahere   Email: bishop@tairawhiti.org.nz



Kaiti: St. Davids
Manutuke: Te Toko Toru Tapu Church  
Matawai, Motu, Te Karaka, Whatatutu (in recess)
Muriwai, Te Hunga Tapu Katoa Church
Waihirere, St Peter’s Church
Wainui Beach: Nikora Tapu - 
Waituhi, Te Hunga Tapu Katoa Church


Kaiti, Te Toko Toru Tapu Church; (Recess - Under Repair)
Whangara, Patoromu Church
Tolaga Bay, Mihaia Church;
* Tolaga Bay, Hinemaurea Marae;
* Tolaga Bay,  Puketawai Marae;
* Anaura Bay, Hinetamatea Marae
(* These 3 Marae are classed as One Centre)


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Assembly of God

AOG - Assembly of God - Gisborne

Assembly of God  -  ( AOG )

82 Grey St. Gisborne   

Church PH: 867 1888      Pastors Guthrie & Jennifer Boyd  gisborneaog@xtra.co.nz       Visit our website:  http://gisborneaog.co.nz/

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Central Baptist - Gisborne

Central Baptist

Palmerston Road. Church PH: 868 6414

Pastor Jim McIntosh  9 Sunvale Crescent. Home PH: 867 7136

Te Hapara Baptist  7 Waverley Street. (Church currently in Recess)

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St Mary's Parish - Gisborne

St. Mary's Parish - Gisborne

Campion Road. Gisborne    P.O. Box 844 Gisborne 4040   

Church PH: 867 7224 - Fax: 867 7712    Office Email: stellamaris003@gmail.com    

Monsignor Frank Eggleton  ph: 867 7224      Deacon: Mike Rolfe     Fr. David Gledhill  ph: 867 7224

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Christian Life Crusade (CLC)

CRC - Christian Revival Crusade - Gisborne

Christian Life Crusade  (CLC)

5 Leith Street Gisborne

Elder: Bruce Whitley   ph:  0274 890 423     em:  bruce@espdesign.co.nz

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Church of Christ 

Gisborne Church of Christ

Gisborne Church of Christ (Associated) (Christian Churches New Zealand)

10am Sunday:    Cnr. Roebuck & Norman Roads, Gisborne Church       ph: 06 867 3712

Elder: Grant McIntyre... mcintyre@maxnet.co.nz          

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City Faith Centre

City Faith Centre - Gisborne

City Faith Centre Gisborne

778 Gladstone Road GISBORNE (formerly AOG Building, sited on rear section behind the Alfresco Motel)

Meetings... Sunday:   10.30am

Pastors Mike & Allison Poninghouse  P.O. Box 410 Gisborne 4040   PH: 027 849 7710    em: poninghousea@gmail.com 


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Equippers Church 

Equippers Church - Gisborne

Equippers Church Gisborne

103 Lowe Street, Gisborne (formerly Apostolic Son City Church)

Pastor Ed Moa   Mobile 021 918 691     Email: T.B.A.    Web:  Equippers Church

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Gisborne Christian Fellowship


Gisborne Christian Fellowship

438 Nelson Road, Gisborne NZ.   Phone: (06) 868-9449   /  Mobile: (021) 571-361

( Mailing Address: P.O. Box 300 Gisborne. 4040 NZ )    

SERVICE TIMES:  Every Sunday:  10:00am  +  1:00pm    /    Tuesday Prayer Meeting:  7:00pm

Pastor: Howard Searle:   Email: h.searle@gostape.co.nz    /   Church Website: www.gostape.co.nz    /    All are very Welcome!

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Grace Presbyterian Church

Grace Church Gisborne (Grace Presbyterian Churches of NZ)

Contact: Bruwer Vroon (022 010 5460)

Web: www.gcgisborne.org.nz / Email: info@gcgisborne.org.nz

PO Box 379  Gisborne 4040

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House of Breakthrough

House of Breakthrough - Gisborne

House of Breakthrough

CHURCH: Cnr. Lytton & Ormond Roads Gisborne

Senior Pastors Norm & Jess McLeod - PH: (06) 868 8282

Associate Pastors: Ps Lance & Margie Rickard and Ps Scott Cowan

House of Breakthrough Office:  Receptionist: Ruth Green  +  Financial Officer: Betsy Houthuijzen

House of Breakthrough:  7 Potae Avenue, Lytton West, Gisborne 4010   Church PH: (06) 868 8282    info@houseofbreakthrough.org.nz

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Mangapapa Church 

Mangapapa Church - Gisborne

Mangapapa Church  ( Methodist / Presbyterian Union Parish )

Church Office & Complex;  314 Ormond Road, Cnr. Ormond Road & Atkinson Street, Gisborne

Church PH: (06) 867 9604 Fax (06) 868 3162 office@mup.org.nz        PO Box 2146, Gisborne, 4040.     Website: www.mup.org.nz

Church Leader/Pastor: Stewart Patrick   CELL: 021 047 0795   stewart@mup.org.nz

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Mega Life Church

Mega Life Church - Gisborne

Mega Life Church  (formerly: Gisborne New Life Fellowship)

Meet at 10am Sundays -  1 Ida Road Gisborne 

Pastors Tom & Josie Crawford  >  Residence 11 Ida Road, Gisborne   

Mobile: 027 458 4978 Tom  or   Mobile: 027 436 1252  Josie      Em: megalifechurch@gmail.com

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Methodist: Samoan & Tongan  - Gisborne

Samoan Fellowship - Methodist

11am Sunday Services    463 Gladstone Road,  Gisborne     Church PH: 867 6260     

 Leader: Oka Ieti - A/H ph: 06 867 0583      oka.ieti@gmail.com

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Tongan Wesley Methodist Parish

1pm Sunday Services    453 Gladstone Road. Gisborne    Church PH: 867 6260    

Reverend Simode Taunga ph: (06) 868 8553    em: simodetaunga@xtra.co.nz     Steward: Pauli Maafu    15 Endcliffe Road. Home PH: 867 3021              

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St Andrew's Presbyterian - Gisborne

Gisborne Presbyterian Parish - St Andrews

176 Cobden St. Gisborne    Sunday Worship Service – 10am

Open Door 10am Tuesday (all welcome) ‘mainly music’ – Weds, 9.45am         Church Office PH: 868 5513  standrewsgisb@xtra.co.nz

WEBSITE: http://www.standrewsgis.org.nz/

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Matawhero Church - Prebyterian Gisborne

Gisborne Presbyterian Parish - Matawhero Church

Church Lane, Matawhero      Worship Service – 1st Sunday of the month, 9am

Church Office PH: 868 5513    standrewsgisb@xtra.co.nz        WEBSITE: http://www.standrewsgis.org.nz/

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St David's - Prebyterian Gisborne

St Davids Presbyterian - Gisborne

Corner: DeLatour & Rutene Roads,  Gisborne  

 P.O. Box 3011. Gisborne.    Church PH: 868 8647 

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Salvation Army 

Salvation Army - Gisborne

Salvation Army

389 Gladstone Road,  Gisborne

Church PH: 868 9468 - Fax: 868 1395   

Captains David & Christiana Mc Ewen

Corps and Community Ministries Officer
    ILU Referral Officer
    Mob:    0273099710
    Office; (06)868 9468
    Fax:     (06) 868 1395
    389 Gladstone Road
    Email: david_mcewen@nzf.salvationarmy.org

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Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh Day Adventist - Gisborne

Seventh Day Adventist Church - Gisborne

Victoria Street, Gisborne  

Minister: John Smolka     mb: 021 231 9265

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Tamarau Community Church 

Tamarau Community Church  - Gisborne

Tamarau Community Church

2 Steele Road, Tamarau. Gisborne 4010

Senior Leaders:     Ray Brown ph: (06) 867 4563    Email: raymondfbrown@xtra.co.nz

Lyn Lindsey ph. (06) 868 4735  Email: lynmarg@xtra.co.nz         Murray Packer ph. (06) 863 1910    Email: packerm.1@xtra.co.nz 

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Te Toka Punanga Church


Te Toku Punanga Church

10:30am Sundays - Lytton High School, Nelson Road, Gisborne

( Meet in the Teen Parent Unit at the rear of the School )

Pastors Colin & Christine Taare   ph: 021 075 3589    em: te@lyttonhigh.net.nz      (Further INFO. to be posted here soon)

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Arise Shine Community Church - PUHA

Arise Shine Community Church - Puka

Arise Shine Community Church - PUHA

10.30am Service:  Old Puha School Hall, 152 Whatatutu Road, PUHA  (turn off just past Te Karaka)

Postal Address: PO Box 2135 Gisborne 4040   Contact:  Sue Braybrook ph: 868 1332  mb: 021 065 0169   em: sue.braybrook3@gmail.com

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Wainui Beach Church

Wainui Beach Church  - Gisborne

Wainui Beach Church

10.00am Wainui Beach School Hall Wairere Road, Wainui Beach

Senior Leaders: Carl & Sharlene Pilkinton      Web: www.gisbornechurch.co.nz      Email: wainuibeachchurch@gmail.com

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