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DIVE Tatapouri

Tatapouri Out East

Tatapouri Beach (14km from Gisborne on SH35)

Interact with Wild Stingray - All activities weather dependant

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Winners: Tourism Eastland 2006 Supreme Tourism Award.


(Dasyatis brevicaudatus)

Stingrays are beautiful and graceful swimmers, gliding like flying carpets of the ocean floor! These flattened-out fish are related to sharks and have a distinctive, sleek tail with sharp spines on it. Each spine has little barbs along the edges like thorns, which sting like a scorpion's tail, to defend the stingray from predators. Their sandy-brown color is great camouflage while they dig into the mud for crabs, shrimp, clams, fish, and worms to eat. Stingray mouths are conveniently located on their bellies, so when they find something, in it goes! If a stingray eats a clam, it eats it whole, crushes it up, and then spits the shell out!  You can interact with the Stingrays at Dive Tatapouri!!!


* Reef Ecology Tour with Wild Stingrays
* Swimming and Snorkelling with Wild Stingrays

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